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CALGARY - Well-known Toronto condo developer Brad Lamb doesn’t need to be convinced that Calgary has become a hotbed of multi-family residential construction.

The numbers released Wednesday by Canada Mortage and Housing Corp. confirm it as housing starts in that sector are soaring this year.

And Lamb, who was in Calgary on Wednesday, has two major condo developments in the works in the city’s Beltline district, jumping on the trend in new housing construction.

Those include unique projects 6th and Tenth, and The Orchard.

Sixth and Tenth will be 31-storeys with 224 units. Shoring and excavation is currently taking place and Lamb said the project should be completed in about 24 months. The Orchard will consist of two 31-storey towers separated by about a one-acre apple orchard. There will be 432 units. Construction is expected to start next fall between October and December 2015 with completion of the first tower in about 26 months. The second tower would be in the ground about eight months later. The target is to complete both towers within five years.

“This is Alberta’s time and it’s Calgary’s time to build and gentrify the city. You’re going to see within the city core, the Beltline and the downtown, that it will continue to develop with hotels, office buildings and places where people want to live,” said Lamb.

“You have a huge influx of Canadians and immigrants everywhere wanting to live here because it’s a strong job market and that’s going to continue and that means housing growth is going to continue.”

Lamb said the objective is to deliver product that is worldly, beautiful and unique - also with a good and attractive public realm.

The Orchard is located at 5th Street and 12th Avenue S.W. and 6th and Tenth is located at 10th Avenue S.W. and 6th Street S.W.

“We want to deliver buildings that people look at and point to and say well that’s a really great addition to the city core,” he said.

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