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Hello, I am Kenton Ryan and would like to help you with your Residential or Commercial property needs! Having livied in Calgary over 40 years it has changed substantially. I love the city and the mountains.  As the city grows rapidly things can happen quickly and your Real Estate is usually your biggest asset. Having a good advisor is critical to making those important decisons. I would love to put a plan together and show you my system that consistantly get results. Ask my Referrals. Almost all my clients come from referrals.

Buying a home!

Selecting the right home in the right area is crucial. I prepare an analysis with you to suit you likestyle and family. This saves you time loooking at properties that do not fit your need and you can focus on real options. First time home buyers, let me show you the whole process. This is invaluble as you do not want to see a purchase contract for the first time when decisons need to be make quickly.

Selling your home!

Preparation is key. Preparing the home is absolutely critical. Do you need an updated Real Property Report or what Condominium Documents are required? These can be problematic if you are in the offer process. I can help you reduce these risks. Staging and pictures are what draw people to your home. Let me show you how this can be a huge advantage over your competition. Call me today!

Kenton Ryan

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